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meghana rajadhyaksha creative writingWhile being a mother takes up majority of her waking hours, Meghana Rajadhyaksha enjoys writing creatively in her spare time. More specifically, she has chosen Medium as her primary platform of publishing her work. On Medium, users from all over the world get to create their own forums of opinion. Once an account is created and a profile is made, users can blog about anything and everything. These topics range from politics, to religion, science, and even entertainment. For Meghana, she chose Medium as her blogging platform as she relishes in moments where he can express his thoughts and opinions. In addition, Meghana Rajadhyaksha believes honing one’s ability to think, read, and write well is one’s ticket to a brighter future.

In her spare time, Meghana has written and published a variety of blogs. These blogs cover topics such as American Cancer Society, Charity Involvement, and Volunteering.

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A History of Success Fighting Against Cancer – Meghana Rajadhyaksha Official Website

Founded in 1913 in New York City by ten doctors and five average citizens, the American Cancer Society (originally called the American Society for the Control of Cancer) has grown into the single largest, not-for-profit benefactor of cancer research in the United States.